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As many of you know - I have not sent a newsletter in awhile - actually since October. This was due to issues with AOL threatening to block my account for sending SPAM and violating their TOS for sending "commercial bulk e-mails" - they do this from time to time - especially if someone on this list "accidentally" clicks on "Report Spam" . I did get it resolved - I just took a long break before dealing with the AOL process - it's a real pain) - anyway - if you do not want to be on the list - please just ask to be removed (it's ok really - we have in excess of 3000 names) - just try not to hit "report spam" when you delete the newsletter - thanks

On another note - if you have events that fit the concept of this newsletter and want to list them - below is the procedure (a standard thing I send out) to use for your submissions. I can't rewrite everything that's submitted - so please follow the format/font/etc.... and keep in mind - there's a limit to the things I can include here....

The newsletter will resume soon!! And needs updated material - if it includes information that is NOT valid - please let me know

Thanks, Scott Woody

Submission Process:

Because of the volume of material I receive at times - I do not open and edit attachments - material must be submitted in the body of the e-mail and fit the format of the weekly newsletter (sorry for this - but it's free and I don't have time to sort thru a lot of extra stuff)... keep in mind that this is a bluegrass newsletter... some cross over for sure - but acoustic roots stuff. Below are samples of (old) formats I would like to have submissions in (to include - dates, times, cover, location, contact information..... and if needed a very brief description. (see below) - this makes it very easy for me to copy and paste.. and contains all the info that folks need to find the venue etc,etc. Please follow the format samples - thanks

I prefer not using CAPITOL LETTERS IN ANY PORTION OF THE E-NEWSLETTER - except at the beginning of words that require it, and NO special colors - just plain black print in the Arial font

January 12th - Buddy and Julie Miller will perform at the Variety Playhouse on a bill with contemporary folksinger, Steve Forbert. The Millers are respected, if not widely known, country singer-songwriters, who also back Emmylou Harris on tour and in her recordings and will be appearing with her in the Down from the Mountain Tour on January 27th (see below). The show starts at 8:30 p.m. $15 www.variety-playhouse.com/

December 2nd (Sunday) - Big Daddy Bluegrass Band - featuring Steve "Big Daddy" McMurry from Acoustic Syndicate, Larry Keel, Jenny Keel, Billy Constable, and Dr. Dobro Curtis Burch at the Red Light Cafe. This will be one of those very special nights of bluegrass with "family". Showtime is 8:30PM, admission is $12. For more information: RedLight Cafe, 553 Amsterdam Ave., 404-874-7828

December 7th - Doc Watson at the Georgia Theatre in Athens, Ga. Tickets are $18 and the show starts that night at 9:00 PM. The phone number for the GA Theatre is 706-549-9918.

December 8th - The Sam Bush Band at the Variety Playhouse - A former member of New Grass Revival and Strength in Numbers and a true pioneer, Sam Bush extends the musical capabilities of the mandolin and fiddle to incorporate a seamless blend of bluegrass, rock, jazz and reggae. 8:30pm $15
For more infromation please call (404) 524-7354 www.variety-playhouse.com/

January 26th - The 3rd Annual Fayetteville Bluegrass Blast - featuring J. Max McKee and the McKee Family, steelBlue and Cedar Hill. Show starts at 7 p.m. the cost is $8.00 and benefits the Fayette County High School Music Department. The contact is Jack Masters, 770-961-5974, or e-mail to jackmasters@mindspring.com.

or view examples in the current newsletter - The Atlanta Bluegrass Happenings newsletter can now be found anytime at atlantabluegrasshappenings.com/


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