Bluegrass Fans;

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Happenings Update, I know. Folks are super busy, and sometimes things drop off. Sorry, if you depend on us for your… Bluegrass Happenings. In Atlanta.

There are still some great venues around town for catching live Bluegrass, Acoustic and Roots music; y’all need to seek them out and become regular patrons, if you’re not already. If you don’t, they won’t be there when you do. You picking up what I’m laying down?

Meanwhile, we’re pondering some changes to the ABGH site. If you have any ideas or feedback, get them to me: JHCain@AtlantaBluegrassHappenings.com. Venue reviews? Reviews of shows past? Calendar of events?

Oh! Check over to your right, there, for Jim's Corner, where I will be (randomly) advising you on particular shows I think you ought attend. Over there ------->

Be well,


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